Bespoke bookbinding

We offer many traditional options of bespoke bookbinding such as staple binding, perfect binding (glue binding), screw binding and section sewn bespoke bookbinding, as well as some luxury kinds of binding such as Japanese binding and exposed stitching, to give your books an unique and exclusive look. If that’s not enough we have many unique hard book covers to give your book that wow factor with many different ways of doing so, such as: metal look book cover, material wrapped cover, blind debossed cover, foil blocked cover, wooden cover, engraving book cover, and finally cover embossing and foiling. We also offer slip cases to help protect the book and really impress the client.

Hardcover books


The covers we provide on our hard cover books are made with quality binder’s board, that can then be covered with either a printed cover wrap, buckram, cloth, or in leather.

Hardcover bespoke bookbinding is perfect for bespoke presentation printing, pitch and proposal printing, thesis and dissertation or luxury fashion lookbooks.

Perfect binding

perfect bespoke bookbinding-magazine-london

Perfect binding (also called glue stitching) is traditional way of binding where either flat sheets are bound together using a a wrap-around cover with a flexible adhesive that creates a square-shaped spine.

Perfect binding is ideal for magazines, catalogues, yearbooks, presentations and fashion lookbooks. Also we can do A3 perfect bound books which are ideal for student coursework and architecture portfolios.

Case Bound book


We can case bind anything from luxury presentatiuons, coffee-table books, student theses, fashion lookbooks to special edition perfect bound books for publishers and authors alike.

It gives you an extremely high quality product and an extra way of revenue generation not normally available in low volume runs bespoke bookbinding books.

Screw binding

screw binding book London

Screw binding is where the pages are screwed into a hard case. The beauty of a screw post bound book is that it is extremely easy to change or update.

Screw post binding is the perfect solution for portfolio printing, presentation printing, pitch and proposal printing. You have a selection of brass, nickel or plastic post screws and various sizes to choose from.

Section sewn bookbinding


Section sewing is the best and most traditional method for fixing pages together and involves the pages being stitched together rather than glued. It is considered a greater method for book production as the finished product opens flat and there is no risk of any sheets falling out or coming apart. This is particularly ideal for full colour spreads for luxury brands and architectural projects.

Material wrapped cover


We have a large variety of wrapping materials you can choose from: buckram, linen, leather or luxury textured papers. We can do printed wrap for your cover using canvas or laminated high quality print with vivid colours.

Also we can do luxury effects including foiling, embossing and debossing to make your printed books look premium and create that elegant touch.

Leather cover book


We use a new generation of faux and leather cover materials with modern technical looks providing a touch of luxury.

A variety of finishes can be used on the leather covers to create a premium touch: foil stamping (foil blocking), debossing (creating sunken areas), embossing (creating raised areas), blind embossing and engraving.

Slip cases


A book slipcase is an open-fronted box that leaves the spine of the book visible. Book slipcases protect and add a premium look to your presentation books.

At Luxprint we can do a variety of slipcases, whether to accommodate a book or a box with contents, these can all be made in a variety of materials including metal, wood, PVC, leather, board and luxury paper. We can produce from one off up to large volume runs.

Luxury bespoke bookbinding

Japanese binding

japanese bookbinding london-printing

Japanese stab binding is a way of bookbinding when you can use different weights and types of paper, textures and colours.

This is the perfect book for someone looking to produce beautiful presentations, luxury restaurant menus, or luxury hotel guest books.

Exposed stitching


Exposed stitching is a bookbinding method of stitching visible to the outside of the book. Exposed stitching is characterised by one or more sections of paper sewn through their folds, and attached to each other with chain stitch linkings across the spine.

Exposed stitching (for example coptic stitching) is able to open 360°.

Foil blocked book cover


Foil blocking is an effective way to enhance your design. Metallic foils are often used to highlight areas of a design, like a magazine header or parts on a carton to produce a premium effect.

Foil blocking is also used effectively without print and can create elegant vector shape designs or typography.

Blind debossed cover


Blind deboss adds luxurious and extravagance to your book cover.

Blind debossing technique involves printing without ink and pressing an image into a material creating a lowered area.

Wood book cover


Whether you are looking to create a Hotel Luxury Guest book, luxury presentations or a portfolio wood cover, these bespoke bookbinding methods are emerging or it’s simplicity and beauty of the natural materials used in the making.

We can do engraving or gold lettering using screen printing or other methods to create luxury wood book cover.

Metal book cover


We can produce metal book covers or create a bespoke book cover using metal-like covering materials, which are available in different metal tones and finishes.

This luxury bookbinding method – Metal covers are ideal for design books, fashion lookbooks, presentation binders, guest books and luxury restaurant menus.

Engraving book cover

engraving luxury book binding gLondon

Book cover engraving is the perfect way to create a luxurious look and feel for your book cover, in which we use CNC router, laser engraver, or letterpress. We can engrave leather, wood book covers, plastic, glass and many other materials.

Engraved covers are perfect for proposal books, presentations and luxury restaurant menus.

Cover embossing and foiling


Embossing with foil can add extra height to the foil. A wide range of colours are available across the whole spectrum.

Contact us and we will assist in selecting the right method for you based on the project!