Embossing and debossing

The difference between embossing and debossing

Embossing and Debossing are ways of creating either raised or recessed relief images and designs on paper and other materials. An embossed pattern is risen against the background, while a debossed pattern is immersed into the surface of the material (but may bulge somewhat on the reverse, back side).

Embossing and Debossing can be used in combination with litho printing or foil blocking (stamping) or digital to add deepness and impact to a design. Dies can be sculpted as single-level, multilevel, beveled edges, or sculptured to create innovative, multi-dimensional designs.

Debossing Service

Debossing is when depress the surface of the paper to a chosen depth.

Debossing without the use of foil and ink to highlight the embossed area is called blind deboss. Blind debossing process provides an elegant image, whether distinctive or subtle.

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The way of embossing (opposite of debossing) involves raising a surface of the paper to a desired height. Embossing puts pressure on the backside of paper stock to alter the surface, giving it that three dimensional or raised effect. A die maker engraves a desired impression (image or copy) into several metal plates (embossing dies). Embossing in general processes that is most often employed to attract attention or convey textural contrast in high quality in relation to the surrounding area. Register and blind embossing is available.

Embossing and debossing services in London

Embossing Service

Debossing makes business cards look well designed with a premium look and feel to them and well-designed debossed business cards creates a physical memory which gives them a memorable talking point.

We can also offer edge painting & edge foiling in various colours this gives a high end, unique, sophisticated look to your business cards.

Debossed leather book cover

When debossing with leather objects the possibilities are endless, here are a few ideas: leather wristbands, silicon bracelets, leather book covers, leather belts, pouches, hand bags, leather wallets, cardholders, ipad cases, mobile phone cases, diaries, bespoke restaurant menus, covers, jewellery boxes, leather key fobs and other personalised book covers.

Embossed wedding invites

Wedding invitations printed and wedding stationery are also a part of what we do, from embossed wedding invitations to foiled invites and letterpress.

Most styles of wedding invitations can be printed using different methods of printing processes, combining die-stamping, lithography, letterpress, foiling, or embossing and debossing.

Embossed foil blocking

Often, embossing can be joined with other techniques for printing such as foil stamping (also known foil blocking) to heighten the effects of both techniques. Foil blocking, also known as foil printing, used to apply gloss, metallic, matt to printed objects to make a luxury look for your magazine, stationary boxes or business cards.

Magazine cover debossing

We offer debossing or embossing to give your lookbook or magazine cover a raised or sunken feel for a specific logo or piece of text. Debossing is the best way of adding value and an eye catching impact to your printed objects

Debossed presentation cover

Debossing can be used for accents or logos, surrounding logos, highlights surrounding images, borders, or information, and elegant accents for distinctive symbols, graphics, images, or lines on your custom presentation folders.