Tender documents printing

If you are tendering for an important project, then the tender document you are submitting needs to create the right image that best portraits your company’s image and brand. Luxprint can produce the highest quality professional presentation and presentation packaging in London and beyond.

Our expert printers incorporate the latest techniques and printing technologies to create presentation folders, boxes, and other packaging that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Let our creative services team add their ideas to your next presentation or tender document and hopefully help your pitch win. We do all our finishing in-house allowing for complete confidentiality throughout the process.

Bid & Tender printing

Tender documents or bid sets as they can also be referred to vary in size and complexity. We have printed tender documents for all sizes of jobs ranging from small bid sets requiring just one beautifully printed document all the way to multiple copies of upwards of 500 unique folders each in a branded box and sleeve.

Tender documents binding

We offer many types of tender binding and finishing options. Wire binding is the most common tenders binding method.

Also we can do perfect binding, screw binding, hard cover or case binding, comb binding,

Bid documents finishes

The most common tender finishing types are encapsulation (sealing the print between two layers of a clear plastic material), lamination.

Also we do premium tender finishing: leather cover wraping, foil blocking, debossing and embossing, die cutting, laser cutting.

Tender document boxes

The initial impact of a tender submission when it arrives on the desk of a potential client, inviting them to open the presentation box or the book, encouraging them to read the contents, plays a key part in winning new business. We work with a wide range of professional companies, assisting them to go the extra mile to help them retain their position and win new contracts.